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Hello Everyone! Those who have read me for a long time know that I turned from a fat caterpillar to a slender butterfly. It's time to talk more about this (I warn you right away, I didn't go hungry and didn't take crazy money to nutritionists. I was helped by His Majesty Chance)

I studied ballet until I was 17. She was as thin as a reed. We were constantly starved, we went to grueling training sessions and all, as one, suffered from beriberi. After I passed out from starvation in class and got a head injury, I couldn't do ballet anymore. Went to College, became a sales Manager with a permanently sedentary lifestyle. And quite imperceptibly gained 25 kilograms.

What I have not tried in the fight against weight! And protein-carbohydrate diets, and fasting, and went to consult a nutritionist. It seemed like I was gaining pounds just by breathing over my food. I was tested for hormones, everything was in order. But the weight didn't go away.

Did I mention the Case? So, I once went to the premiere of the film and met my friend from the ballet there! She became a prima ballerina. However, I met her when she was walking with a huge bucket of sweet popcorn and soda in her hands.

We started talking, but I kept looking from her slender waist to the bucket of popcorn. Does she allow herself to eat so many calories?! In the end, I couldn't resist asking her why she, who is a ballerina, eats so much. Then my friend told me that their entire troupe takes a special drug for weight loss and weight maintenance.

IDEAL rapidly breaks down calories, converting them into energy. It acts selectively, skipping proteins, vitamins, and slow carbohydrates. In total, a person receives a daily calorie allowance, and all that was superfluous, immediately goes into energy. It turns out that a person is losing weight and feels more cheerful.

I immediately caught fire with the purchase IDEAL . I knew it was my last chance to be as slim as I was when I was young. My friend said that usually ballerinas got IDEAL through friends for a lot of money. But now the manufacturer is releasing the first batch for sale with a big discount and through the official website .


I ordered two whole boxes for a little money. I started taking it and, indeed, I got more energy and less weight. I almost did not limit myself in food, I tried not to eat too much at night. Because of work, I didn't have time to do sports, but I almost stopped using transport and started walking more.

Literally in one course I lost as many pounds as I could not lose in six months of dieting!

Now I am as thin as a ballerina, and it took only three months to do it. Just imagine, I weighed over 80 kilograms, and now I weigh 55! By the way, the discount on IDEAL is valid for a few more days, after which it will be sold for three times more than it is now. Remember, only on the official website you can buy a real IDEAL!

Write your comments about IDEAL, let's count how many of us have lost weight!

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Callista Chi19.05.2020

I lost 20 kg of weight!! Thank you to the author and IDEAL !

Li Hongyao13.03.2020

My wife was a crumpet weighing 90-100 kilograms. The same story: no diets helped her. I decided to try it, ordered IDEAL for her and after a course I couldn't believe my eyes! Mary was like when we were young! It's been six months, the weight is not gaining, and my wife has started to feel much better

INES Weilin14.03.2020

my daughter works as a model. Says he's known about IDEAL for a long time. Not only ballerinas, but also models use it to lose weight))

Felicia Feng15.03.2020

and I also lost weight! I am 15 kg!)

Kamile Lim16.03.2020

and now I can wear mini and shorts! You will not believe it, but now I am 40 years old, and I am just starting to live...Good thing I found out about IDEAL better late than never

Merle May24.05.2020

12 kg as never happened! Boys, beware, I'm not married yet!)))

Lina Lin 24.05.2020

I couldn't get pregnant because I was obese. Now I cut the course IDEAL, dropped 14 kg. And now the happy news: I'm pregnant!

Alba de Souza25.05.2020

I lost weight and got an offer from a man I dated for several years! Now I'm a bride, Hooray!

Adonis Sun26.05.2020

I can literally carry my wife in my arms! She's light as a feather. All husbands are advised to buy their halves IDEAL and you will be happy!

Edna Chong26.05.2020

it seems to Me that it is No longer possible to accurately measure the number of people who have lost weight. We are probably more than a thousand))